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Halbrooks Online | Archive | August
Halbrooks Online

Archive | August, 2008


Cincinnati Zoo

Aug. 31st | Posted by 0 comments

Fun times at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Video of Elise on the train:

Video of a Polar Bear:

Let’s go feed the ducks!

Aug. 20th | Posted by 0 comments

Natalie, Elise’s cousin from Ohio, came to stay with Nonnie & Papa for the week so we were able to have her over to play with Elise.  Elise LOVED getting to play with a “big girl”!  We decided to go feed the ducks and they had a blast!  As you can see in the video, the ducks are not shy!  I was really surprised at how well the girls did with the ducks coming right up to them!

Elise and Natalie feeding the ducks!

Blake is 5 months old!

Aug. 11th | Posted by 0 comments

Blake is so much fun right now!  He is a VERY content baby and is such a blessing to us.  He smiles and talks to anyone who will listen!  He LOVES to eat and watch us eat and will be starting on veggies and fruits real soon.  He is almost ready to sit up on his own, but not quite there yet.  Our sweet “little man”!