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Archive | March, 2008


Happy Easter

Mar. 23rd | Posted by 0 comments

Elise loved her easter basket….we couldn’t tell if she liked her new umbrella or the chocolate best!  After we got everyone dressed in their easter outfits, we headed to church to see Todd in a special Easter Drama.  He did a great job…as always!  Later in the afternoon (after naps!) we headed to Mom & Dad’s for an easter egg hunt and ham dinner.  YUM!

Introducing Blake Mitchell Halbrook

Mar. 12th | Posted by 0 comments

We are so glad to finally be able to introduce you to our son, Blake Mitchell! Born on March 11, 2008 at 9:27pm weighing 8lbs. 8oz. and measuring 21 1/4in.

Laura went in for her 41 week check-up and the doctor’s decided to induce labor due to signs of low fluid in the uterus.  We were not prepared to go to the hospital and had to run home and get our bags and then headed straight for the hospital.  The induction started around 3:30 and contractions started getting intense around 6:15.  The midwife shut off the pitocin(inducing drug) at this time to see if Laura’s body would kick into gear on its own.  However, after no progress for an hour and a half, the midwife felt we should start the pitocin again to get things moving again.  Around 9pm, Laura started pushing and after about 5 or 6 VERY HARD pushes, Blake was welcomed into the world!!!

We are so blessed with the arrival of the newest addition to our family!  He is beautiful!  God is truly amazing and we stand in awe of the miracle of LIFE!


Mar. 8th | Posted by 0 comments

We went over to Elise’s cousins’ house to spend the day in the snow.  We weren’t sure how Elise would handle it but she had so much fun!  She didn’t want to come inside!  Thankfully, her cousins had an extra snow suit and boots for her to wear so she stayed dry and warm which probably helped.  She had fun building a snow man and trying to make snow balls with her cousin, Andrew.

Sydney had fun in the snow too!  We had to take this picture through our kitchen window because Sydney is afraid of cameras.  We think we got a GREAT shot!

Patrick takes quite a ride at the end of this video.  Go, Patrick!

Elise took her first sled ride with her cousin, Hannah.  Unfortunately, you can’t see Elise’s face and we ran out of battery in the camera at the very end.  But, she loved it!