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kure beach – day eight

May. 11th | Posted by 1 comments

Our last day on the beach…..boo!  We soaked up as much sun as we could in denial that it was our last day.  We all headed inside late afternoon to get ready for the annual family picture.  We were able to get some good shots of the family, thankfully.  We decided to order pizza for dinner in efforts to allow us to soak up as much sun as possible.  It was yummy!  After dinner, we all started getting packed up for the ride home on Saturday.

Goodbye, beach!  Til next time…….


kure beach – day seven

May. 10th | Posted by 0 comments

Today was another beautiful sunny morning!   Todd, Ralph, and Mike took all the kids to the local aquarium before lunch (we are blessed with some amazing men as husbands!).   Mom and Dad went out shopping for t-shirts for the family picture on Friday.  Anna, Deb, and I enjoyed a QUIET house for a couple of hours!  After lunch, we did some more of the same…..hanging out on the beach and by the pool!  What a life!  🙂  The kids buried each other in the sand and built sand castles.  Todd caught a lizard and Andrew named it Speedy since he was a quick little sucker to catch!  Todd was the hero of the day!

I made chicken salad for dinner with hot dogs for the kids…another yummy meal!   Todd & Deb had their date night tonight at the Lazy Pirate…an all-inclusive resort!  LOL!

kure beach – day six

May. 9th | Posted by 0 comments

We were expecting to wake up to rain all day, but to our surprise the sun was shining bright and continued to do so until late afternoon.  Woohoo!!  We stayed out all morning until after 1pm.  Today was our first day to cook so I stayed in after lunch and started prepping for dinner.  Hannah and Natalie flew a kite for a short while on the beach.  Ralph went out for a couple of hours to buy some fresh fish for the fish tacos.  Dinner was served around 7pm.  Menu was beef tacos, fish tacos, rice and beans with Coconut cream pie for dessert (with a little leftover apple pie as well! J).  No pictures of our meal were taken on this night….boo!  Mike and Anna had their date night this evening.

After dinner, kids got pjs on and then watched a movie before lights out (the typical nightly routine once dinner was cleaned up).

kure beach – day five

May. 8th | Posted by 0 comments

Woke up to sunshine for the first time this week!  We were out in the sun right after breakfast and stayed out ALL DAY.  Loved watching the kids playing on the beach and in the waves.   Ralph went out in the kayak he rented for a while and had a great time.  Kids rode some waves with the boogie boards and had a BLAST!  We took all the kids for a walk down the beach.  Each of the couples got a date night and tonight was ours.  Ralph and I decided to do dinner and a movie in Wilmington, NC which was about 30 minutes away.  On the way out, I found that a security tag was left on my skirt so we made a pit stop at Old Navy in Wilmington to get the tag removed.  We found a restaurant located in Wrightsville Beach a few miles east on the coast so we decided to check it out.  The Oceanic Restaurant ended up to be a really quaint place with lots of people walking around riding bikes, running, and LOTS of boats.  We ate out on a pier with about a hundred surfers surfing the waves.  Ralph, of course, loved this!  Food was good and atmosphere was awesome!  It was a little chilly, but we endured and got our key lime pie to go!  After dinner, we returned to Wilmington to go to a movie.  We saw The Lucky One which ended up being pretty good.  Before heading home, we stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home to get some groceries for the house and got home around 1am.  It was a nice night!